Hello again
Posted on Tuesday, May 25, 2010 at 2:20 AM

Hello as you probably noticed I have not done anything on this site or related site of healthfoundations.com.au for at least 8 months. Those months and the 2 years before have been deeply challenging for me and it took all my energy to just hold my own so to speak. I was juggling between my Father's health, Grandson's birth and complications and then my own health, while keeping up with many other things so really I had nothing to say.  Now again though I really want to keep sharing, teaching from what I have learned and so the theme of these blogs is going to be about the "Capacity for DID" What does that mean you say. To explore what may assist or hamper our capacity to Digest (food and life); Integrate and Distribute our nourishment, energy, love, wisdom and joy. I have found that having a philosophy of complete well being provides a bigger framework to work out our own story on. I don't know how frequent this blog will be now as we are also soon embarking on a big trip overseas for a few weeks but I wanted to at least start talking again.

Much peace, hope and love Tracy DeGeer