Colour Reflections Dream
Posted on Friday, June 4, 2010 at 6:18 AM

I probably won't have a chance to write again for a while as we are going on a big overseas trip but I wanted to share one aspect of the story behind the Colour Reflections CD -which is a beautiful dream I had.  I dreamt that I was a cup , but my owner was the great king of all the land. In the dream I was being held as he gave wonderful advice to the citizens of his land. All many of people came in , some very important and powerful and some were the average citizen , but all were listened to intently and given wonderful personal advice or directions to solve the numerous problems and situations. As I was held in the hands to be drunk from , or just being on the table I could see the deep love, kindness and benevolence in his eyes. The whole next day after I awakened I felt like I had been held by love and benevolence, which is why one of the central themes in the guided meditation is receiving from the benevolent heart of the universe. I wanted to convey that feeling to others , so they could more easily feel that they could be wrapped in that feeling of safety,  protection and comfort and time they felt that need.  To access your copy you can click here or join the club where it is available for free.