Your wellbeing is one of the greatest treasures you will have.
Posted on Tuesday, January 28, 2014 at 1:37 AM

 Your wellbeing is one of the greatest treasures you will have.

Central to our wellbeing is establishing a nurturing mutual relationship of friendship between our mind and body.

Wellbeing is tied to the rhythm of life. We have our routine, on a daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal and annual level. When you are young you think it is a bit of a bore and feel invincible , but time does quickly go by. I still remember thinking how old someone must be if they could took about something that happened 20 years before.  Well, now I have been saying those things for a few decades now myself!!! Though we experience many things we have no control over like the weather etc but in the end we do have the choice of where we put our priorities. We choose what we put our attention, time and resources into and there in lies our wellbeing course.

You have joy and contentment to gain, by spending some time to reflect on what direction you are going with your regular routine as well as the extra adventures you sprinkle into it. 

Making good habits. The two most important aspects in building good habits  are preparing a supportive environment around you and   self-correction based around 5 steps.



Respond appropriately

Self adjust

Take action

If we can think of a good habit as like a tree that we are planting.   Firstly we choose the tree that will fit  a location, or clear the location when we really have to plant that tree.  You could put some trees under the shade of another but many would not thrive. We would need to clear the ground. Also we would have to thoroughly dig  the soil nearby not just making a hole that the tree’s roots just fitted into.  We need to clear the way for the roots until they are strong enough to do it for themselves. We also have to care for it with water giving attention regularly and protecting it from bugs etc. We need to be sensible about which habits we seek to maintain first , and we need to clear the way inside of ourselves with self-reflection and understanding so they take deep root and can withstand challenges from the environment around us.