Some encouragement from a snippet in the local paper
Posted on Thursday, April 24, 2014 at 2:35 AM

 In my local paper The Manly Daily, they have a little column with comments by a doctor who has been writing for many a year Dr James Wright

The question he answered was this: “How is it that two similar people can undergo identical surgery but one does well and the other does not, when all conditions appear identical. “

His answer was: “Every person is an individual with their own genetic code, resistance factors, healing qualities, general stamina and mental attitude. These add up to the different outcomes. A positive attitude is always likely to produce a better outcome than a negative one. “

I was very happy for his bringing attention to the other factors which contribute to our wellbeing, whether we need surgery or not.  A great deal of the purpose of my book is to provide a framework for individuals to look again at the subtle factors contributing to their quality of life.