unexpected inspiration
Posted on Wednesday, July 16, 2014 at 2:38 PM

While driving to work this morning, I listened to the Craig and Mandy show on Star 104.5. They were talking about prophetic dreams. Mandy was a bit sceptical initially but after a few phone calls from listener’s she said “well I was proved wrong”. The story that got my attention the most was about this Dad who dreamt his daughter was on the other side of the railing on their veranda. When he saw her there he freaked out and yelled what are you doing there and so she fell. One week later in real life he looked over and saw his daughter on the other side of the railing. However because of his dream he realised that it was his freaking out that got her to let go so he remained calm and talked calmly to her to get her to come to safety.  How wonderful was that! To learn from a dream to then get a wonderful outcome for his daughter.